Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stormtroopers’ Adventures

Stormtroopers were the elite shock troopers of the Galactic Empire. Like Imperial-class Star Destroyers and TIE Fighters, stormtroopers served as ever present reminders of the Emperor's power, extensions of his will, and a method of keeping the Empire's thousands of star systems in line through fear. Formed into the Stormtrooper Corps, stormtroopers operated alongside Imperial Army and Navy units independently, while some placed on Navy ships were given the name "marines." Members of the Rebel Alliance SpecForce had several terms for stormtroopers, including whitehats, plastic soldiers, and snowmen. Another slang term for stormtroopers was the "Boys in White". Also, another was "Stormies", and was used often by Wedge Antilles and Corran Horn. Here are some excellent creative pics with Stormtroopers. Even sometimes I get the feeling that they are alive and not just simple toys.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics!! I was laughing my ass off!

Anonymous said...

These are goddamn charming.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha

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