Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Audi Avatar The Supercar For 2032

The HSV Encore concept from designer Edwin Conan was an innovative, futuristic ride dated for the year 2020, and his new Audi Avatar concept is another futuristic supercar, dated for 2032. The futuristic Avatar connects to Audi’s past by getting inspiration from the 1937 Auto Union Type C streamliner, and also incorporates the tech and power required for a supercar of the future.Powered by a long range supercharge-ion battery propelling four in-wheel motors, the three-seat supercar could go from a standing start to 100 kmph in just 2.9 seconds, all the way to a top speed of 360 kmph. The concept’s “ultra light aerodynamic body” gets inspiration from “fabric blown in the wind,” along with the Type C streamliner influence.Entry and exit to the car carry their touches of future as well, each passenger enters through three glass canopies, where the main canopy moves forward with the dashboard and steering wheel, while the other two move backwards. Side panels on the bodywork also open with canopies, to provide passengers a step, thus making entry and exit easier.

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