Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Celebrities With Physical Defects

Most of us think that celebrities are perfect people. They are not. In fact, some of the famous Hollywood actresses have physical defects, as they are human-beings just like the rest of us. Inside this post, you’ll find physical proofs.

Megan Fox

Defect: deformed thumbs

Paris Hilton

Defect: lazy eye

Lily Allen

Defect: third Nip.

Kate Bosworth

Defect: eyes of different color

Vanessa Paradis

Defect: gap teeth

Kate Hudson

Defect: small Bre.

Julia Roberts

Defect: huge mouth

Hayden Panettiere

Defect: short legs

Katy Perry

Defect: skin problems

Halle Berry

Defect: six toes on her leg

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Lucy said...

Defect: six toes on her leg

...O-on her leg?! *looks at picture* on her feet...

On the first one her thumb is just curved a certain way.

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