Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It seems like these days it is not possible to have something standard and regular. The criteria have changed and now the world trend is to be different if you are not different you are not in and not keeping up with the fashion. The latest fashion in Chine these days is to have a dog which looks like panda or tiger. I am not sure if this is something which will extend even further and that they will start walking around real pandas and tigers. I am sure that the dog doesn’t mind to much about its appearance. I am sure that at the first sight this may look pretty interesting, but I think that there is a reason why something looks like it does and that people shouldn’t interfere to much in nature. i think that we had done enough. While men was adjusting nature to his needs it could be somehow justified, but doing something just for fun or as a prank it is just to much! I am sure that these photos are to make you think how these dogs look cute or funny or what ever, but I just think that this is not right thing to do. Hope you will agree with me on this subject.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the tiger dog was cute...

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