Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If you watched the Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday March 27, 2010, you probably saw when Jonah Hill was presenting an award with Katy Perry and Jonah Hill told Katy some confession that he was born without a birthday and that he lied about that it was his birthday that day. So, supposedly, there was a box there that would reveal the award for favorite movie actress. Katy told Jonah that in honor of his birthday, he could announce the winner. But when Jonah told the crowd that he was born without a birthday, the crowd agreed that Katy should open the boxe and announce the winner. So when she opened the box, Katy didn't announce the winner because the box didn't have the winner. What the box had was slime. Slime that hit Katy Perry in the face and made her fall down. Everyone was laughing at her, and it turned it it was all a prank, and that Jonah had the envelope that had the winner turning out to be Miley Cyrus as favorite actress for Hannah Montana The Movie. So, now that you know, do you think Katy Perry getting slimed was funny, or do think it was mean? I thought it was funny whether she knew or not, but I think Nick went a little too far.

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