Thursday, January 14, 2010

Celebrity Weight That Corresponds the Weight of Different Fish

Martin Locke with his carp that weighed 94 pounds (or 42.6kg or 6 stone 10... or one Kylie Minogue)

Mark Watson holds a swordfish which was caught off Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland. It weighed 58 pounds (or 26kg or 4 stone 2... or one Romeo Beckham)

Tim Pruitt of Alton, Illinois holds a blue catfish that is 58 inches long and 44 inches around. It weighed 124 pounds (or 56kg or 8 stone 12... or one Cameron Diaz)

Schoolgirl Jessica Wanstall (11) landed a giant catfish more than twice her size on the river Ebro in Spain. The fish weighed about 200 pounds (or 90kg or 14 stone 4... or one Brad Pitt)

Alan Melhuish (2nd right) and friends with his record catfish caught on the river Segre in Spain. It weighed 226 pounds (or 102 kg or 16 stone 4... or one Sylvester Stallone)

Tim Smith poses with the world record breaking Nile perch he caught in the Victoria Nile. It weighed 249 pounds (or 110kg or 17 stone 11... or Jedward)

Soren Beck stands next to the enormous 8ft 1in halibut he caught after a titanic struggle off the Norwegian coast. The fish weighed a whopping 434 pounds (197kg or 31 stone... or like having Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vin Diesel on the end of your line)

Ian Welch (yellow shirt) gets to grips with the enormous freshwater stingray he caught on a trip to Thailand. The fish was the size of a snooker table and weighed 769 pounds (or 349kg or 54 stone 13... or more than the combined weight of all four snooker players who competed recently to win their weight in pies [another sporting equivalent we'd like to see continued, particularly in darts])

Melanie Kisbee and crew display the record 4.5-metre Pacific Blue marlin caught off the coast of Bateman's Bay. The huge fish weighed 997 pounds (or 452kg or 71 stone 3... or Girls Aloud and the Sugababes [current line-up] put together)

Mark Fenwick from Wellington's Te Papa Tongarewa Museum examines the world's largest squid. It weighed 1,091 pounds (or 495kg or 77 stone 13... or David Haye, Nikolai Valuev and both Klitschko brothers)

An almost three-metre-long tuna dangles from a crane in Duesseldorf, Germany. The giant fish weighed 1,102 pounds (or 500kg or 78 stone 10... or ten Miley Cyruses)

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