Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is just a few days away and most people would be busy getting all their Christmas Tree Decorations in order, or doing some last minute shopping; However, no one can forget the ubiquitous gingerbread art and its derivative, the all famous gingerbread man. History tells us that the gingerbread was brought to Europe by the Crusaders and ever since numerous folk tales and fairy tales have been spun around the context of the adventures of Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread man is a humanoid baked in the gingerbread mold. There is also the famous Gingerbread Boy story where he escapes from the kitchen only to be deceived and eaten by a fox. Americans have changed the story and the context and sometimes in stories the Gingerbread also finds a gingerbread girl and outwits the fox! Coming back to Gingerbread, you would also know that the tempting witch’s house was made of Gingerbread too and because of its alluring looks the kids get tempted to get inside the house. With gingerbread having such a huge influence on people’s imagination and thought for so many centuries, we can’t ignore the influences of science, video games and geek culture on gingerbread itself! In fact if you searched a bit, you would know that the Gingerbread has taken birth in a geeky avatar. If you looked at the list below, you would know that even Gingerbread can be quite geeky and technologically updated.

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